School Immunizations

Posted on 01/29/2019
ImmunizationsStudents require certain vaccinations to attend school. Parents and guardians are responsible for reporting their child's immunizations to KFL&A Public Health to keep records up-to-date. In Ontario, health-care providers do not automatically report immunizations to their local public health agency. If a student's immunizations are not current, they may be prevented from attending school.

KFL&A Public Health has an electronic database that holds immunization records for every student (ages 0 to 17), who attends a school or licensed child care in the KFL&A area. Parents and guardians should report all immunizations to the KFL&A Public Health database.

If you received a letter from the school regarding your child's immunizations, please follow the instructions outlined in the letter by March 30, 2019. Failure to report current immunizations to KFL&A may result in a suspension from school effective April 9, 2019.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.